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United Sign Systems DesignFrom concept to reality, we have the resources in place to make sure your brand image is executed flawlessly and consistently – from the first sign to the 10,000th.

To that end, we offer you computer renderings of your signage superimposed over your property before manufacturing begins.  Whether our designers develop your signage solution or we work with your design or architectural firm, our goal is your complete satisfaction.


United Sign InstallationMany national companies depend on United Sign Systems for their sign service needs in this region.  From tasks like installing a new auto dealership pylon sign to repairing storm damaged displays our crews deliver the best results.  This is an integral part of operating a “full service” custom sign manufacturing company.  Our Service and Installation team places a great deal of focus on maintaining the signs we build.

A finished sign has to look good for years, not just when it leaves the factory.  A great deal of thought goes into the design and construction of our signs to make them more durable and service-friendly.  Shortcuts and compromises in manufacturing can translate into headaches out in the field for installation tasks and routine service.

Electrical systems are a highly critical factor.  We build many of our products to meet UL Listing standards.  This does more than provide the customer with a superior product.  The sign becomes a safer working place for our service and installation crews.


The appearance of your sign is a reflection on your company.  Unfortunately, time and the elements can all take their toll.  But United Sign can safeguard your image and keep it looking brilliant.  We have the resources, equipment and insured, certified technicians to make sure all of your signs are properly lilt and well-maintained.


One of United Sign System’s greatest areas of expertise is in Custom Designed Projects.  Our design staff will help you from concept through construction.


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