Company Overview

United Sign Systems is a collaboration of experienced sign professionals from the industry coming together to form a new leader in the sign display industry.

Professionals from the industry have joined with United Sign Systems to set the new standard for supplying design, construction, installation and maintenance in the sign industry.  We are sure you’ll find our team ready to provide the most professional service, from the first rough drawing to final installation, we are here to supply all your signage needs.

United Sign Systems Building Front
United Sign Systems
Custom Commercial Signs

United Sign Systems

5201 Pentecost Dr.

Modesto, CA  95366

Phh:  1-800-481-SIGN (7446)

Signs:  Electric Signs, LED Signs, Commercial Sign, Monument Sign, Neon Signs, Lighted Signs, Halo Illuminated Signs, Pylon Signs, & National Signs.  Sign Service:  Sign Repair, Sign Manufacturing, Sign Installation, Sign Permitting, Channel Letters, & Sign Design.  Rebrand Or Reimage Today.  24 Hour Service.